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Pricelist - office relocation

Full service

Full office relocation service22 000 Kč

Separate office relocation services (these are included in the full service)

Office search: Research, needs analysis, list of 10 properties16 000 Kč
Office space market information and scanning client’s needs1 500 Kč
Orientation: 1 day of 8 hours including viewings of offices6 750 Kč
Communication with Lessors 125 Kč
per 10min
Modification/ Extension of lease contract 2 000 Kč
Termination of lease contract 1 500 Kč

Business set-up – basic

Tax and social security clearance4 000 Kč
Set-up of a limited company – basic31 000 Kč
Set-up of Czech branch of a existing company22 000 Kč
Purchase of an active limited company22 000 Kč
Acting on behalf of a client on the power of attorney1 000 Kč
per hour
Company registration certificate700 Kč
+ cost 40 Kč per page

Employee services

Work permit (both company and personal) and registration of start date6 500 Kč
+ fee 500 Kč
Work permit extension (company and personal) 6 500 Kč
+ fee 250 Kč
Registration of start at work – EU and non EU1 000 Kč
Cancellation of work permit1 000 Kč
Validation of qualifications3 500 Kč
Official translation from English700 Kč
+ cost from 500 Kč per page
Notarised Copy700 Kč
+ cost 40 Kč per page

Freelance – self-employment

Freelance licence for visa applicants (includes social security and tax registration)7 000 Kč
Freelance licence for Czech residents (includes social security and tax registration)5 000 Kč
Business registration report (Czech Point)1 000 Kč
+ fee from 100 Kč
Business registration report (Notary)1 200 Kč
+ fee from 60 Kč per page

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