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Pricelist - relocation services

Full service

Full relocation and accommodation service22 000 Kč

Itemised relocation and accommodation services: (there are included in full service)

Home search: Research, needs analysis, providing a list of 5-10 properties16 000 Kč
Accommodation market information and scanning client’s needs1 500 Kč
Preview/ Orientation: 1 day of 6 hours including viewings of accommodation5 750 Kč
Settling-In Services: 1/2 day of 4 hours (we show you around)4 250 Kč
Communication with Lessors125 Kč
per 10 min
Assistance in transferring utilities ( gas, electricity, water, garbage)4 500 Kč
Registering TV and radio1 500 Kč
both services
School search assistance including visiting prospective schools: 1 day programme7 250 Kč

Other relocation assistance

Registering phone line, internet, and other services1 500 Kč
one service
Opening bank account including receiving information about available banks2 000 Kč
Relocation assistance750 Kč per hour
Modification / Extension of lease contract1 500 Kč

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